Drawstring Bag I

15 03 2009

My very first drawstring bag!!

I used this tutorial: http://happythings.typepad.com/happythings/2006/04/dsb_301_better_.html

My supplies:
– 27.5″ x 12″ of a vintage-y cotton with blue, green, brown polka dots
– 13″ x 12″ (2 pieces) of a teal satin
– 26″ brown 1/4″ wide ribbon

My modifications:
– MUCH more fabric! Instead of 16″ x 7″ (which I probably should’ve done as a tester), I used 27.5″ x 12″

– Next time, even MORE fabric! I’m thinking the outer fabric can stay 27.5″ x 12″ because I do like the size but the lining needs to be longer by, I’d say, 1/2 – 3/4″ each side
– It’s noticeable that the lining is shorter than the bag itself so 3/4″ extra should do the trick
– I’ll have to think of something with the drawstring part. At that point, I was just so excited that I didn’t even really read the instructions on inserting the drawstring and, well, it doesn’t drawstring close like it’s supposed to! 😛
– I’m going to stick with the satin lining even though it can be a pain to work with
– Maybe use a different ribbon? Thicker? Not sure

– My first relatively big project! Yay!
– It took roughly 4 hours (2 hours, 2 nights) but that was only because I kept having to pick my cat OFF the sewing machine every 10 minutes or so
– I love it! It fits my Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top project AND the best part is that the needles (circular and DPN), pointy as they are, do NOT poke through! (unlike the ziplock bag I was using before)

Off to make more!!

Next one: pin-up girl style with…black satin lining and…pink ribbon? 😉




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