Slacker II – massive update

4 10 2009

Wow since April! Well May was definitely busy and it was a lazy summer and busy September…no excuse!

April 09:

IYP 12 The Spring Sock Hop
Sent to Retro_Rose:

Rec’d from Retro_Rose:

June 09:

OTT 22
Sent to katcal:

Recd from katcal:

Sent to sloth003:

Recd from sloth003:

Teach Me a New Craft Swap
Sent to nulibol (crafted portion only):

Recd from jadeye (crafted portion only):

Bead Soup Swap
Sent to TraceyInNH:

Sent to Krafty_Karasu:

Recd from Krafty_Karasu:

Recd from Ma Rut:

So wow, great summer of crafty-goodness πŸ™‚ Just waiting for the Sept swaps to finish up and then I’ll post! πŸ™‚

Other than that, a friend got married, I finally went out for my birthday, same old πŸ˜›




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