Major Slacker Alert!

5 07 2010

Wow! I almost did it again! Almost a year without posting! The funny thing is that I love to posted status updates on my FB but I guess actual blog posts are too long? Who knows!

I took and am still taking an uber long hiatus from swaps. They’re amazingly awesome and yet somehow stressful. It’s probably because I’m an infamous procrastinator. And swapping somehow results in my procuring more supplies – my room just cannot take it anymore. I literally have no more space! My new “fave” show is Clean House – heaven forbid my room turns into some of those homes!

So a long long hiatus from swaps. It actually ends up being a hiatus, from time to time, from crafting in general. Scary, I know. I get so focused on other things (family, career, goals) that I neglect my crafting, which in turn, makes me stressed out, burned out and just all in all quite bummed. I just need to find a happy medium where I can include crafting into my crazy life.

It wasn’t a complete hiatus from crafting though. Since Oct 2009, I’ve made a rehearsal dinner dress for my friend, a beach cover-up for my friend, 2 baby shower gift sets (one was utterly hilarious) and finished like 2 swaps. All of these pictures, of course, went on my FB…I’ve been utterly neglecting my blog 😦 But in truth, it wasn’t a craft-devoid time at least!

Got the new Motorola Droid a few months ago …LOVE it! Still love it! Awesome phone!

Giving it a go at this selling-my-craft idea. Let’s see how it goes 🙂




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