Jul ’10 ACI List – Update

24 07 2010

July 2010 ACI List:
– Girlie Girl test pattern / Sienna / Knit / Aug 15
– Gabriela Slouch Hat / Mini-Me / Knit / December
– Gabriela Slouch Hat / Friend / Knit / December
– DP Needle Pouches / Me / Embroider+Sew / ASAP

Sparks of Inspiration:
– Stationary Holder / Me / Sewing

Current Status:

Girlie Girl test pattern:
– Just got the full test pattern last night
– Will be gift for Sienna
– Figured I’d use my “leftover” Cotton-Ease in the grey + either a 100% acrylic or something that is more than 50% cotton (+acrylic)…Since it’s cotton/acrylic blends, I’d probably gift this for her next birthday? Or….
– Make another one that’s in wool or a wool blend so she can wear it as a tunic…? During my morning organization, I found that I have a LOT of wool 😛
– Either way, have to decide today so I can test gauge tonight/in the A.M.

Gabriela Slouch Hats:
– Just bought all necessary yarns yesterday (a lovely beige Cascade Yarns Venezia Worsted and then a lovely lime-green-ish Sirdar Baby Bamboo
– Will have to test for gauge and also tweak the pattern to make sure they’ll fit…
DPN pouches:
– Well…all DPNs have been organized/sorted and paired with a nice fabric
– I picked out the various fonts to base the cross stitch on
– Just gotta actually start doing everything! 😛



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