Oh Ravelry, How I Love Thee!

7 08 2010

Really, I love Ravelry! This is probably something every knitter/crocheter feels but for me? I love LOVE LOVE the organization it provides! In particular…LOVE the Queue and Stash options!

So after going through my stash and cataloging it all, I decided that it was time to go through my Ravelry Queue. Well, I found a great many patterns that I wanted to knit!!

In a stroke of…genius? OCD? (Not sure which), I went through my stash and decided to assign each Queued pattern a Stashed yarn! What a great way to eventually get to the point where I can replenish my stash! 😀 Of course…this will take a while since I don’t knit at lightning speed either!

The OTHER great thing about Ravelry? Free Pattern Testers Group! ❤ I think this might be my favorite group! I love the creativity and ingenuity of the designers! I also love that I get to test out their patterns!! 🙂 I literally troll that group now…oh boy! 😛

So now I’ve got the organization down and the source of patterns down and I’ve even controlled my out-of-control stash! Greatness is ahead 🙂




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