Sep ’10 ACI List

3 09 2010

September 2010 ACI List:

– Gabriela Slouch Hat / Mini-M / Knit / December
– Gabriela Slouch Hat / Friend / Knit / December
– Alpaca Warmer / Me / Knit / Before it gets cold
– Dr. Who Phonebooth / Brother / Knit / Christmas

Sparks of Inspiration:
– Stationary Holder / Me / Sewing
– DP Needle Pouches / Me / Embroider+Sew / ASAP

Current Status:

Gabriela Slouch Hat – Mini-M:
– 40%: Started on the Mini-M hat. Going at a good pace! Especially since I was feverish with it for the 1st week and haven’t really touched it much this week.
– Had a few minor minor hiccups with the “special stitches” but it was basically because I didn’t pay attention the first few repeats…duh!
– Since this is going quite well, I could totally see the other one being awesomely easy! 🙂

Walk With Me Sleeveless Cardigan:
– Yeah…wasn’t picked 😦 (Actually, the response time was pretty slow and edge-of-seat-in-an-unnecessary-manner type of way…a bit on the annoying side? Dunno)

Dr. Who Phonebooth:
– I love when it’s easy to get/make something for someone for Christmas!! 🙂
– Found a great knit pattern to work with (I’ve always loved the look of stockinette over crocheted stitches, except for with amigurumis)

– I’m waiting with baited breathe for a certain designer to start requesting testers for her Winter line!!! 😀
– So I was also asked to make a crocheted Totoro, also for my brother…if I have time? I hope so!




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