Dec ’10 ACI List

6 12 2010

December 2010 ACI List:
– Gabriela Slouch Hat (re-do) / Friend / Knit / Christmas
– Dr. Who Phonebooth / Brother / Knit / Christmas
– Baby Booties+Headband and Headband+Pacifier Thether (Comm) / Co-Worker / Knit / Dec 22
– Infinity Scarf / Sister #2 / Knit / Christmas

Sparks of Inspiration:
– Alpaca Warmer / Me / Knit / Before it gets cold
– Numerous projects in my Queue but definitely a hat for myself
– Stationary Holder / Me / Sewing
– DP Needle Pouches / Me / Embroider+Sew / ASAP

Current Status:

Gabriela Slouch Hat – Friend:
– Had my friend try it on…definitely need those extra 16 rows!

Baby Booties for Friend
– My first commissioned project was awesome!!
– The reaction was so worth it! And it absolutely didn’t hurt that I made $ from it 🙂

Infinity Scarf:
– Going on a biz trip this week, which is when I plan on starting and finishing this project!
– Quite a basic yet sophisticated looking infinity scarf
– Pattern says 241 stitches for about 10″ worth of rows…should be easy to do w/ the plane rides, etc.!

Dr. Who Phonebooth:
– Finally found the right pattern
– Definitely have the yarn but will get on this once I get back

[2nd commission] Baby Booties+Headband and Headband+Pacifier Tether:
– So Commission #2 is for another co-worker! Reaction from the first one was so great that this came of it! 😀
– Baby Booties+Headband is for her sister-in-law
– Headband+Pacifier Tether is for her baby!
– Slight down-side…she’s leaving on maternity leave on the 23rd! I gotta get crackin’ on this!!

Alpaca Warmer:
– Must wait until January…but at least it’s for a good reason 🙂




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