Project: Sweet Cherry Slouchy Hat (test)

22 01 2011

This was a test pattern with the Soft Angora (Cherry Tree Hill mill ends). Quick and easy! Fits nicely. I have to block it yet (and then weave in ends) so I can open up the lace work. I love the color – almost a muted burgundy. It was a great pattern, easy to follow instructions and repeats 🙂 It’s so great that I got my little Pixie to model for me 😀

– tres chic!


Project: CoCo Clutch

9 01 2011

I made this little lovely for my co-worker in TX 🙂 I love her to pieces and this just fit her and her sophistication and everything! The fleur de lis button is actually for her love of the New Orleans Saints but I think it goes with the purple just fine. In typical fashion, it was down to the wire for me…again! But the result was great 🙂

I skipped the gussets all together – I didn’t want it to be an actual purse so I left it as a flat envelope style clutch. She told me she uses it for her jewelry 🙂 The purple fabric inside was stitched to the exterior with gold-ish thread, to match the Saints colors but not sure if it came out right. I’m thinking purple may have been better but she liked it 🙂

Great side note – if I decide to knit this again (likely), I found a fellow knitter on Ravelry with notes on how to knit the piece and gussets together as one piece instead of multiple pieces to be sewn together 🙂

This project has now made me absolutely LOVE and ADORE SWTC Tranquility!! What an awesome yarn! I heard SWTC discontinued it though 😦 Will be buying more to carry me through 😛 (I think it’s a tell-tale sign of a great yarn when NO ONE on Ravelry has it in their Will Trade Or Sell stash!)

Project: December FO’s

9 01 2011

Baby photography prop (test pattern)
Yet another test pattern! I love doing those 🙂 This was really quite easy and I loved it EVEN more because I had to go out and get a new crochet hook 😉 Really a quick project and I ended up loving the Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends – great yarn to work with

Hand-Warming Cup Cozy (test pattern)
Another test pattern and this time it was gifted to my boss 😀 This was pretty easy to knit up and it didn’t take long. I really actually liked learning kitchener bind-off. Confused me to no end but I still liked it 🙂 I was reminded of my love-hate relationship with cables though but it was quick and painless 🙂

Fifth Ave Infinity Scarf
I started this on the plane to Houston. But I didn’t finish it until Christmas morning! How insane! 😛 Talk about a procrastinator! I don’t think the stitches came out looking the way it did on the site 😦 But it was easy – the stitch pattern wasn’t difficult at all but it was also easy to mess up when I wasn’t paying attention.

Fortune cookie
This was a quick little crochet…started at 7:15am of the morning that I needed it at work!! Geez, procrastinator much? Anyways, very easy and simple, which, given the circumstances, was very comforting. The best part is that the turnout/reaction was awesome! I expected “Oh how cute” but then people were like “You need to sell those!” and my friend whose wedding party I was in asked me to make one for her 1yr anniversary! Awesome! 🙂

Project: Girlie Girl – Finished

22 08 2010

Finished! Nice little pattern, very cute style. I truly love the look of stockinette but it bores me to tears and I’m not a particular fan of purling rows :/ Loved all the increases, making the sleeves, even the Feather/Fan at the bottom!

Project: Girlie Girl Update

7 08 2010

At 70% completion:

I really loved making the increases! Is that odd? I get so bored with stockinette but it’s really quite a pretty stitch!

Anyways, Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Stone & Seaspray. Just have to finish the skirt to 11″ and then I can get back to fun stitches 🙂 Some Feather & Fan action later on

I must say, the LB Cotton-Ease is really quite a nice yarn, very versatile and affordable too – just what I need!

Drawstring Bag I

15 03 2009

My very first drawstring bag!!

I used this tutorial:

My supplies:
– 27.5″ x 12″ of a vintage-y cotton with blue, green, brown polka dots
– 13″ x 12″ (2 pieces) of a teal satin
– 26″ brown 1/4″ wide ribbon

My modifications:
– MUCH more fabric! Instead of 16″ x 7″ (which I probably should’ve done as a tester), I used 27.5″ x 12″

– Next time, even MORE fabric! I’m thinking the outer fabric can stay 27.5″ x 12″ because I do like the size but the lining needs to be longer by, I’d say, 1/2 – 3/4″ each side
– It’s noticeable that the lining is shorter than the bag itself so 3/4″ extra should do the trick
– I’ll have to think of something with the drawstring part. At that point, I was just so excited that I didn’t even really read the instructions on inserting the drawstring and, well, it doesn’t drawstring close like it’s supposed to! 😛
– I’m going to stick with the satin lining even though it can be a pain to work with
– Maybe use a different ribbon? Thicker? Not sure

– My first relatively big project! Yay!
– It took roughly 4 hours (2 hours, 2 nights) but that was only because I kept having to pick my cat OFF the sewing machine every 10 minutes or so
– I love it! It fits my Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top project AND the best part is that the needles (circular and DPN), pointy as they are, do NOT poke through! (unlike the ziplock bag I was using before)

Off to make more!!

Next one: pin-up girl style with…black satin lining and…pink ribbon? 😉

Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top Update

15 03 2009

So here I am with the Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top. It’s a year later and I’m only half way done lol Both the front and back panels are completed. I’m working on the sleeves now (the needle at the top of the picture is the first sleeve, the right front sleeve) and then there’s the edging at the bottom and just sew everything up with buttons and then I’ll be done! 🙂 So I’d say I’m about 50% with this!

The front panel had a number of modifications – one in particular was a mistake so hopefully this doesn’t screw it ALL up for me. I skipped the “knit to 10 inches” portion without thinking – I still could’ve just knit to a shorter length. In any case, since I skipped it, I was short about 4 inches or so at the end of the front panel. So, without making any more adjustments, I just knit 4 inches extra on the end.

The back panel, however, was different and looks much better. I knit to 8.25 inches instead of 10 inches and it looks good so far. Just really hoping it’ll look great after sewing up. Oh then I have to block, which will be fun with my new blocking…blocks 🙂 that my brother got me for Christmas! 😀