RFID chips = pure evil

19 10 2007

Okay, I know I’ve been back on the crafting wagon for a little while but I must stray back to the politics again because it is uber disturbing…


On Oct 17th, the New Hampshire RFID Study Commission convened to discuss a bill shot down by the NH state Senate that would have made RFID-labeling on all products. Okay so I’m not from NH. BUT, if there are small victories AGAINST RFIDs in a multitude of states, then surely it will become prevalent throughout the US. So bottom line, this Commission is not responsible for making any laws or passing them either (THANK GOD!); it’s just a bunch of people from all (yeah right) walks of life that convene to discuss the RFID chips, which apparently affect their participants greatly.

Bottom line: They voted 1. in support of language that would allow guardians and parents to implant RFID microchips into children, 2. struck out an entire provision which would have prohibited the microchipping of corpses.

1. One could make the argument that children cannot intelligently (yeah right) make the informed decision of whether or not to stick some foreign radio frequency chip into their body or not. I suppose one could argue that. I mean hey, kids shove dirt in their mouths (gross as it may sound, it actually strengthens their immune system) so how could they possibly understand that sticking, basically, a homing device in their arm is a smart thing to do! That is precisely why they need “us adults” to OKAY it FOR them. Yeah right!! You know all those sci-fi/futuristic movies where the world is in shambles, run by aliens/robots/[insert horrifying creatures here (aka bankers)] and the main characters are completely going against what their PARENTS followed and are politely cursing them for bringing this completely desolate environment upon them. Yeah, remember those movies? If we force our kids to be implanted with these RFID chips, THAT is our future! The world in shambles – that would be because of global warming and our unstoppable rate of consumption of natural resources. The world run by aliens/robots – that would be because we gave up our civil liberties (Patriot Act) and allowed ourselves to be controlled. And why did we allow that to happen? Because we were fed garbage! Because we are living in a world of propagandized terror! What is the mass media and big government hawking these days? (Well really, it’s been so since the early 1900s.) Terror! Fear! Eghad!

2. What sense does it make to implant an RFID chip into a corpse????? What, are we afraid that a corpse will get up and walk away!? Are we scared that it will FLEE the country?!!? I’m not even sure HOW to respond to this one because it is so COMPLETELY bizarre!! What possible reason could they come up with to track a corpse?! I’m overjoyed (probably wrong word) that those with religious convictions are speaking up against this because, yes, it WOULD be a desecration of one’s body post-mortem! Because they would implant it, obviously, post-mortem, which further and continually begs the question of WHY! Oh yeah, and the comment that relatives were upset that corpses found in the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina were tagged…okay, so they tagged the bodies instead of treating them properly with a proper burial?? Are we THAT obsessed with science and “technological advances” that we have completely forgotten and thrown to the wayside human decency?!?! Tagging a corpse!?!? What is WRONG with these people?! Especially the ones who are proponents of this idea!! What is WRONG with these people?!?!

And I do not doubt Dr. Albrecht’s comment that the Commission consisted of more INDUSTRY participants (read: people who would benefit financially from the implementation of this chip) than any other group! Now, how is THAT equal or fair?? If that was the case, it should have just been called the New Hampshire RFID Cheerleaders’ Committee! Ra ra! =P


“Christian Nation” Comment Turns into Potential Public Ego Trip

2 10 2007

Criticism for McCain’s “Christian Nation” comment

“Someone running for president ought to understand the Constitution a little better. …How can we trust someone to uphold the Constitution who doesn’t even know what is in it?”

Hmm…well, that would probably disqualify the MAJORITY of the candidates, no? Already, on their stances and voting record, we can tell the the one who knows the Constitution the best, out of the candidates, is Ron Paul. The Constitution is not an outdated piece of paper, people, and I sure don’t want someone who screams “Don’t throw the Constitution in my face” as leader of this nation! Ponder that if you will…

However, I don’t think this comment was posed in a decidedly pro-Ron Paul stance. [Actually, this comment probably came from a place of anger and indignation of being “snubbed”…which, I don’t particularly care for, because, well, I’m not big on institutionalized religion anyways…it’s kinda like one of those “My dad can kick your dad’s ass anyday!” type of thing…childish, no?] I think the owner, Ira Forman, said it to illustrate that the Constitution allows for freedom of religion, thereby promoting religious pluralism. But thankfully, it also pinpoints Ron Paul as the best candidate since we are talking about being PRESIDENT, Commander-in-Chief, leader of this great nation. To do so, one MUST intimately know the very document this country was founded on, no?

And of course, McCain backtracked and said “Well, that’s not what I meant”, which everyone does when the ish hits the fan. It’s kind of annoying how the spinners always say “Well, this isolated comment has just been totally taken out of context and blown out of proportion by the MEDIA” (which, might I remind, you are using to your advantage). And perhaps it was taken out of context. Maybe so. Doesn’t really change my opinion of McCain for the better or for worse. Didn’t like him to begin with.

Oh and, I found it …interesting that Ibrahim Hooper wants to have Islamic-American leaders meet with McCain to “discuss the comment”. Um, people, what is there to discuss? That’s what the man believes! This country was founded on freedom of speech and freedom of thought! It’s not like the comment was especially demeaning or in any way promoted defamation of any non-Christian religion. He was just speaking of his preference. What does that have anything to do with Islamic-American or Jewish-American leaders? Making McCain sit with either Islamic-American or Jewish-American leaders to “discuss his comments” is just a total publicity ploy/ego trip!! I mean really, is it going to make him change his mind? And why should it? It just truly seems like the two organizations are basically just trying to make an example of McCain’s somewhat ill-advised comment, not because it’s necessarily offensive but because people are so sensitive these days! It’s not like said that only Christian politicians need apply for the presidency and even if he did, so what? Should one man’s opinion really deter politicians of other religions from striving for the presidency? Of course not! So I say, bah! Forgo the public ego trip because it doesn’t necessarily make anyone look mature…so instead, keep promoting religious pluralism and ease up on the sensitivity, eh?

“Permission to FLY, sir?” – Stop the Deliberate Destruction of Civil Liberties!

27 09 2007

The Nightmare of DHS´s *Secure Flight*

So now they want us to ask permission to even book a flight!! That’s RIDICULOUS!! Abso-f’in-lutely ridiculous! Oh and are we surprised that the proposal gives airlines free reign to use our personal and PRIVATE information at their will with no recourse?? Evil is afoot, people!

And yes, the general public did agree to these things earlier, like right after 9/11, when fear was rampant. However, this is just RIDICULOUS! Now we have to ask permission to fly?! What’s next? Permission to drive through states? Even if this IS an extension of terms that we agreed to previously, it is time to stop giving our “government” (evil overlords) free reign over our civil liberties because of the fear-mongering they do and the intimidation tactics they use on the public they are meant to represent!

Oh and a refresher comment: everyone in our government, especially in the legislative body, SWORE to uphold the Constitution and strike down things that were in violation of the Constitution. Just a reminder because there are maybe a HANDFUL of representatives that actually follow the Constitution at ALL! That is why the DHS and TSA are even willing to push this so called “Secure Flight Plan”! Because our legislative body as a majority will potentially sacrifice the public’s civil liberties so they can continue to lord over us! Spread the truth and be the media, since they’re doing a piss job of it!!

Be Open-Minded to Achieve Wisdom (Cue Free Speech!)

25 09 2007

Absolutely true! You have to be open-minded to be able to achieve wisdom. Being open-minded means being able to hear all opinions, even controversial ones. That’s why the protection of free speech is so crucially important!

Iranian President at Columbia Univ

25 09 2007

Iranian President at Columbia Univ.

Even if you don’t like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, keep an open mind. Yes, he says things that can be considered hateful. Read what he said about 9/11 and why he wanted to lay a wreath there. Yes, Iran has alleged ties with Al-Qaida, and yes there hijackers were part of Al-Qaida. But you need to investigate 9/11 too. He has a point: find out who has a hand in 9/11, find out who was really involved.

Oh and Bollinger? A complete and utter weakling against the pressure of those around him. Talk about peer pressure!! Inviting a foreign dignitary and then publicly insulting him. If that’s what you were planning to do, why invite in the first place? And why give in to the pressures of the press and politicians? Why not stand up against them? Why not stand up for our freedom of speech? It would have been the commendable thing to do instead of succumbing to peer pressure, bringing the whole situation down to almost high school level where the popular kids bash the unpopular kids after baiting them to come on stage to speak. It certainly doesn’t show much character in Bollinger. Sad, really.

“President Bush said Ahmadinejad’s appearance at Columbia ‘speaks volumes about, really, the greatness of America.'” <– Oddly enough, that is the ONLY comment Bush made that i even remotely agree with because, yes, free speech is very precious and vital in this country but we are certainly not the only country to allow free speech. However, today’s free speech is not the same anymore unfortunately.

“But conservatives on Capitol Hill were critical. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut, said he thought the invitation to Ahmadinejad was a mistake ‘because he comes literally with blood on his hands.'” <– Ahh, yes, but our own president has that same blood on his hands but no one is willing to admit it.

Hmm…Isn’t that interesting?

Dubai’s shopping spree…to buy Wall Street

24 09 2007

Sheikdom shakedown: Dubai moves on Nasdaq

Does this make anyone ELSE nervous?!?! Dubai is trying to buy ownership of NASDAQ?? Dubai ALSO just acquired the rights to operate and “provide security for” 22 of our American ports. 22!! Including NYC, Newark and Camden…um, does that raise concerns for ANYone?? Anyone? Okay better yet, everyone KNOWS where Dubai is…right? Check it out and read up on their political ties and loyalties…

One silver lining…our Congress is starting to smarten up! Yay! They’re actually worrying about this and taking SOME sort of action! Yay! …About F’IN TIME, PEOPLE!

Rock on 9/11 Truthers, Rock on!!

24 09 2007

Geraldo Rivera at his “best”…covering mini skirts, cookies baking in a car and sex in the bathroom…Way to go Foxaganda! F’in morons! Yeah because covering those sensationalist items is more important than covering news that is breaking all around you! As a journalist (rather than a tabloid junkie), Rivera should have been in the crowd, giving a louder voice to those protesting! Instead, he is covering topics that mean NOTHING in this world. Oh and by the way, the good doctor was a porn star. Yeah, talk about credibility! Victoria Zdrock is a porn star (a la the YouTube comments). Oh and also, Rivera is a complete sell-out because once upon a time he was in the same place as the protesters he decries as “misfits/communists/nut jobs”. And when did he sell-out? When he was asked to join the Council of Foreign Relations! OOOO! Sellout! And what else? He said on TV (I’ll find the original): “I am a Zionist. I would die for Israel.” Hmmm, strong words, no? Especially since he’s propagandizing for an administration that had strong ties to the Nazi regime!! Geraldo Rivera needs to remind himself (or have someone hit him over the head with a communications/journalism textbook) what real journalism means, what real journalists do, and what their societal responsibilities are as journalists.