Movie Weekend again

3 03 2008

Mission Impossible 3: B
Okay, I’m probably biased on this but I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise in the least. The man creeps me out and his role in this movie didn’t alleviate that feeling. However, I’m a fan of the spy movies and JJ Abrams (Alias) did a GREAT job! I also am a big fan of the locations they filmed at. The storyline was also quite interesting, alot more character development this time but not too much. It was definitely worth seeing but via renting, not theater. Overall, it was decent and nicely action-packed.

Fun with Dick and Jane: A-/B+
I’m a fan of Jim Carrey and that may have swayed my opinion on this movie. But, I thought it was a very good and cute and meaningful one. It was great to see a movie that really was a comedy but also had a thought provoking basis to it. It’s truly sad and tragic that theirs is the reality of many families of Corporate America but it’s nice to see a very happy ending to it all 🙂

Invincible: A/A+
I love this movie! I’m a fan of Mark Wahlberg so I guess that helped. I’m also a fan of football so it was great watching the game in the movie 🙂 Heartwarming, for sure…a typical Disney, I’d argue. I’ll confess I got a bit teary-eyed at the end when he made that touchdown 🙂 I mean, how can you not get teary-eyed?? 🙂


War – what is it good for?!

25 02 2008

 War: A+

Okay, normally I would not promote or condone war…but that movie, War, was FRIGGIN AWESOME!! Jet Li + Jason Statham! Rockin’!! Such a great storyline! And they had numerous awesome fight scenes that were definitely worthy of the rental. This is one of the movies that I will be buying and that doesn’t happen often. I would almost say that it’s very much similar to The Usual Suspects in terms of the leading of the audience. Amazingly wonderful plot because it’s got you till the bitter end! Oh and very culturally interesting given the Asian “mob” theme. So true too, even in general. LOVE this movie! Could definitely re-watch numerous times!

Movie Weekend (plus the GIANTS!)

5 02 2008

Meet the Fockers: B+

Okay, so in comparison to Meet the Parents, this one was by far better. I don’t quite know why but I much preferred this version. And I must say that I never knew Barb to be a comedienne! Dustin Hoffman? Love the man! Very nice pairing with Rob too! All in all, a very cute movie indeed. Jay loved the fact that they mentioned Weeki Wachi! (Or however you spell it)

The Departed: A-

Well,  technically a knock-off of Internal Affairs from HongKong but I’ll let it slide because they truly recruited some of the best male talent! At some times annoying when the shrink came into play but definitely worthy of an A- grade! Leo has turned out to be quite the actor… Shocking! Matt Damon is very on-point; I much prefer his action-hero side. And, of course, I LOVE MARK WAHLBERG! LOVE him!! I’m excited to see the Internal Affairs trilogy! Maybe soon 🙂

Breach: A-

Another pick from one of my favorite genres: espionage (with, of course, a film noir edge). Chris Cooper was awesome in Lonestar and it’s interesting to see him play an asshole. Ryan Phillippe…eh, don’t care too much for but he did well. I didn’t quite care for Julianna’s character. She seemed to “get in the way” but granted, this is based on a true story so I’ll let that be. Laura Linney played an agent well (left a bad taste from some of her previous stints). Very interesting to see the true story played out in a movie. I wonder how much is truth. Wouldn’t necessarily watch again but was definitely worth it.

Oh yeah…and the GIANTS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

My first switch-out, Boston and more MMA!

7 01 2008

Okay so for the January ’08 AKI List, I decided to switch something out, the Versatile Wrap, because I won’t have time for it 😦 BUT I’m switching IN a birthday present…for Cathy…who reads my blog so I won’t be able to post WIP pics

So this past Sunday, I drove up to Boston with my mom to bring Christina to school…I was planning on knitting the way up and then driving home. I got my knitting bag ready the night before and got up early, grabbed my bag and we were off! …Except when I pulled out my knitting…I realized I forgot to print out the pattern (brainiac over here) So we TALKED the whole time…which was a great thing 🙂 but I was totally looking forward to starting the Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top during the trip

But I did start it first thing this morning! I’ll post WIP pics as I go along (when I find a camera)…it’s uber confusing!! There’s a first and second half but a member of Craftster who’s finished the pattern says that it’s not REALLY half’s but just the way it’s written…Oh, and the kicker, short rows!! I’ve never tried those before and I’m now realizing that this is probably NOT the project I want to learn those with! lol BUT, I’m gonna give it a go!

Oh and Fight Quest on Discovery Channel?? RAWKS!!! I’ve been telling EVERYONE who will listen…literally!!

Bottom Line – We like suspense…

2 01 2008

Hostage: A – GREAT movie! would DEFINITELY watch again!

Bruce Willis, one of the best action stars ever, really pulled a great job on this one! Not only is he great in this one, his fellow cast members are awesome! The younger actors succeeded in avoiding the sickeningly cute child-actor thing and also gave great performances. And the evil trio? Sooo evil! So hate-able!! Truly! Very interesting plot lines with very interesting twists and turns. This is definitely a must-see! I would certainly watch it again.

Guy-centric Fears of InLaws

31 12 2007

Meet the Parents: C+ – never again

Even though my boyfriend was cracking up left and right, I found this movie completely pointless. I mean sure, it gives insight into a guy’s fears of meeting future in-laws but wow what mind-numbing stupid comedy! Don’t get me wrong, very endearing and “cute” ending…but utterly silly. Didn’t have a favorite part at all. Not my cup of tea, I guess. Oh well. Perhaps it’s because I can see my family in the Byrnes? Eek…

Throwback to a Different Time

31 12 2007

Superman Returns: B+ – one-timer

Bryan Singer is one of the best directors when it comes to comic-to-movie transitions. X-men 1 & 2 were awesome! Superman Returns was good too; just, still, kind of weird with a different Clark Kent. Brandon Routh played him well but Christopher Reeves is hard to replace. The storyline was very interesting! I like the idea of a baby-Superman! And how adorable is that little guy? The choice of casting Kate Bosworth? I don’t know. She looked the part well enough but I’m not a usual fan of her to begin with.

Now, Kevin Spacey? My goodness gracious!! He, again, pulls of a great evil bad-guy role! Though not as evil as, say, Usual Suspects but still good. Oh so evil is he!! Love the man!

But overall, it was okay. Wouldn’t really bother renting again but was curious about it anyways. Like my film professor said at Fordham, they gave Superman (an alien immigrant, raised in the humble heartland of the US) a face and you cannot replace that actor, unlike with Batman, the (wealthy) masket crusader… Interesting dichotomy…