Nix the year-project

22 01 2011

Alas, it’s January 22nd. I hadn’t even looked at the Capricorn Kitten pattern. Blast! So I think I’m going to push this ambitious-year-long project to next year 🙂

Instead, I’ll focus on the charity knitting/crocheting for shelter animals 🙂 Got my little lovely from there (well rescue group but still)


Fogginess….and more yarn

16 01 2011

Ugh! I’ve been sick for the past few days 😦 Work was difficult because I wasn’t thinking too clearly and I’ve had too-many-to-count nosebleeds. Bleh!

I tried to work some more on the Alpaca Warmer – I had doubled the yarn to achieve the “look” of the stitch I wanted. I just wanted those BIG stitches that you see in Twinkle’s work (ie: Twinkle’s Town & Country Knits) but now I’ve found that the piece is waaay stiff! Maybe blocking will help? It’s 100% wool so I’d imagine a light blocking would do the trick. I just so love the over-sized stitches 🙂

Another highlight: Couples Retreat w/ the BF!

I loved this movie!!! 🙂 So cute! Love love love loved it!!

Also – found an amazing artist, Otis Frampton. He does some amazing work! I was perusing his Marvel Masterpieces collection and then found his 7×7 Sunday – basically, he draws (live on UStream) 7 7×7 head shots of whoever you want for $7 each (one per person of course). I’m thinking about hopping on UStream tonight and trying my luck 🙂 Well….I have to think of a headshot that I want first though….hmm…. 🙂

Another note – I bought KnitPicks CotLin for the Baile skirt test knit. I didn’t read the Rav comments before purchasing because I wanted to stick w/ the designer’s yarn content choice – cotton – even though, personally, I’m not a fan of cotton. The colors are amazing! I purchased Harbour, which is a lovely teal color. But after reading the comments, I found the following horrors:

  1. The yarn pills while knitting (bleh)
  2. Stretches (typical of cotton – allegedly the linen is so inelastic that it counters the stretchiness of the cotton)
  3. Shrinks a bit (made no sense to me)
  4. Color fades AND the color online is not as it is in real life

All those things considered….I’m dreading it now! On the bright side, recently (4 mths ago) someone commented that things had changed with CotLin – that perhaps KnitPicks perfected their formula. And the comments since then have been favorable.

My decision is that once I get the yarn, I’m going to test a swatch for gauge and all of that, throw it in the wash a few times to test the color-stay, stretching, etc. BUT I have a back up yarn: Cascade 220 Sport I LOVE Cascade!!! 😀 I’ll be getting the Azure color, which again is a lovely teal! (I can’t figure out why it’s always so hard to find Cascade yarns!)

In my fogginess of being sick, I think I’ve convinced myself that it’s okay to buy yarn. I’m severely contemplating (read: determined and already decided) on buying some yarn from – albeit, I’m not a huge fan of their shipping policy, etc but they do supply some great yarn. Here are my selections:

  1. SWTC Tranquility in Carnation
  2. SWTC Tranquility in Cerulean
  3. SWTC Tranquility in Lemon
  4. SWTC Sugar Sweet (not sure what colors yet)

The pink is going to be for a tank from Verena Magazine (I have a bone to pick with that magazine though). The cerulean + yellow (or the blue Cascade 220) will be for the Rhubarb & Custard sweater from AOK.

Since that doesn’t quite make the Free Shipping quota ($100), I’m going to have to add in some SWTC Sugar Sweet – a new yarn I hear. Just a bummer they don’t have the deep purple anymore :/ But it’s probably for the best!

My biggest caveat with that is that I MUST have a project associated w/ the yarn before buying…not that that stops me at all :/

Sooo….I’ve clearly lost my mind while being under the weather 😛 And while the snow is quite beautiful…I’d be utterly satisfied with just a postcard rather than the wet soppy mess outside while the wind whips left and right…brrrr!!

2011 Craft Resolution

9 01 2011

Yay for 2011!! It’s a new year and with it comes a new crafting resolution 🙂

My craft resolution for 2011 is as follows:

  • Work on WIPs and finish them within 4 weeks of picking them up again
  • Craft 12 items from my Ravelry queue – be they big, small, medium, whatever
  • Plan and start Christmas gifts early – like in the summer
  • Craft more things for myself
  • Craft at least 1 item for donation (more than likely will be for an animal rescue organization)

I’m hoping I can stick to this! Notice how I didn’t mention anything about my stash 😀

I always vow to stop enhancing my stash – doesn’t usually work out that way! It’s better just not to vow it than to break the vow 😛

Project(s) Update

6 12 2010

So I guess I’m at it again with the “take forever to post” thing!

Finished the gift for my co-worker…a modified CoCo makeup clutch 🙂 Will post pics after biz trip

Finished a test pattern for a hand-warming cup cozy…yum!! Decided to add it to the tea-themed gift for my boss 😀

Also finished a test pattern for a baby photography prop (think Anne Geddes style). I have pics, baby-less ones 😛

I swear something odd has gotten into me – I’m S.E.X.’ing like nuts! Pics to prove later 😛

Oh Ravelry, How I Love Thee!

7 08 2010

Really, I love Ravelry! This is probably something every knitter/crocheter feels but for me? I love LOVE LOVE the organization it provides! In particular…LOVE the Queue and Stash options!

So after going through my stash and cataloging it all, I decided that it was time to go through my Ravelry Queue. Well, I found a great many patterns that I wanted to knit!!

In a stroke of…genius? OCD? (Not sure which), I went through my stash and decided to assign each Queued pattern a Stashed yarn! What a great way to eventually get to the point where I can replenish my stash! 😀 Of course…this will take a while since I don’t knit at lightning speed either!

The OTHER great thing about Ravelry? Free Pattern Testers Group! ❤ I think this might be my favorite group! I love the creativity and ingenuity of the designers! I also love that I get to test out their patterns!! 🙂 I literally troll that group now…oh boy! 😛

So now I’ve got the organization down and the source of patterns down and I’ve even controlled my out-of-control stash! Greatness is ahead 🙂

Whoa! Stash alert!

24 07 2010

I recently was accepted as a pattern tester in Ravelry’s Free Pattern Tester’s Group and I wanted to get an idea of what I actually have in my massive stash. So I was just browsing and trying to remember. I got fed up and decided to catalog (with pictures) EVERY yarn I have 😀

This is of course at like 7am on a Saturday morning. So now, it’s 10am and I had gathered all the loose papers, yarn sleeves, etc from my various bins/carts, etc. that housed my massive stash…..

Lo and behold…I found $5 😀 😀 😀 😀

What an AWESOME way to start my day!!!! 😀

Major Slacker Alert!

5 07 2010

Wow! I almost did it again! Almost a year without posting! The funny thing is that I love to posted status updates on my FB but I guess actual blog posts are too long? Who knows!

I took and am still taking an uber long hiatus from swaps. They’re amazingly awesome and yet somehow stressful. It’s probably because I’m an infamous procrastinator. And swapping somehow results in my procuring more supplies – my room just cannot take it anymore. I literally have no more space! My new “fave” show is Clean House – heaven forbid my room turns into some of those homes!

So a long long hiatus from swaps. It actually ends up being a hiatus, from time to time, from crafting in general. Scary, I know. I get so focused on other things (family, career, goals) that I neglect my crafting, which in turn, makes me stressed out, burned out and just all in all quite bummed. I just need to find a happy medium where I can include crafting into my crazy life.

It wasn’t a complete hiatus from crafting though. Since Oct 2009, I’ve made a rehearsal dinner dress for my friend, a beach cover-up for my friend, 2 baby shower gift sets (one was utterly hilarious) and finished like 2 swaps. All of these pictures, of course, went on my FB…I’ve been utterly neglecting my blog 😦 But in truth, it wasn’t a craft-devoid time at least!

Got the new Motorola Droid a few months ago …LOVE it! Still love it! Awesome phone!

Giving it a go at this selling-my-craft idea. Let’s see how it goes 🙂