Eek! A Whole Month!

28 12 2007

Wow…a full month! Okay, I need to NEVER let my blogging get to that low point 😦

So quick recap:

  1. Business trip to Texas in the 1st week of Dec – went QUITE well! Always room for improvement but I can’t complain too much
  2. Won Employee of the Year award at work – YAY! 🙂 Very nice to be finally recognized publicly!
  3. Christmas treats for my TX staff – finished on time and they went over very nicely 🙂
  4. Gifts for work – went over UBER well!! Boss really liked his neck pillow, my supervisor LOVED her Christmas/Housewarming gifts! Secret Santa recipient teared up…what a reaction! WELL worth the long night before hand!
  5. Christmas gift for Jay – went over QUITE well!! He loved the scarf (probably won’t wear it often though) and the blanket, yay!
  6. My awesome Christmas gift – a ring! (not engagement…maybe promise? dunno) It’s a beautiful pearl and crystal ring!! Because Jay knows I LOVE pearls and hate diamonds…it’s a beautiful ring! (Getting re-sized right now)
  7. Gifts for family – for Mom’s side, went over QUITE well; for parents, went over well; have to admit that the sibling gifts were only “eh” so I can understand
  8. Post-Christmas shopping – DSW RAWKS!! Three pairs of shoes + wallet + clutch for $80! Pair of boots, flats and driving mocs…sooo worth it! Then very awesome black and misc patterned wallet and clutch (not matching)
  9. Oh yeah…my first Craftster swap? AWESOME!! I’ll blog next!
  10. The old sewing machine has “new” lease on life! It’s been brought back to life!! Yay!! Need to learn know…

I made out like a bandit! lol

However…now I’m in a knitting rut… I can’t figure out what to knit next 😦 I feel like I don’t have enough of any yarn to finish a project and I don’t realy want to go and buy more yarn RIGHT now since I spent a pretty penny this holiday season…(or at least it feels that way even tho everything was handmade)…sigh…

On a brighter note, I’ve gotten so “fed up” with clutter, especially my huge mess of patterns both in hardcopy AND digital…I’m making a pattern index.. I’m such a loser! We’ve been using some pretty cool functions in Excel lately so I’m going to try it…should go over well. Also, since I’m tired of not knowing what and how much I have in my stash, I made Yarn Cards! I’ll post a pic when I’m done or at least filled one out. I’m turning into a geek!



26 10 2007

Gosh I use them alot! haha!!

User-UNfriendly…unless you have a MAC!

30 08 2007

So I came across this site, I think from one of my many knitting online groups. It has all these cute as anything little crocheted cakes! Check it out: – Cake Sachets. Sorry but I’m not making the URL a link for this page. Just copy and paste =P

Why, you ask? Well because, as everyone knows, I love to collect free patterns…I mean, why pay the price when you can get it for free?? As such, I usually copy them into MS Word and reformat it. Well, I started doing that and then realized that the images of cakes…are NOT images! That’s the background! So at first, I said “Oh pish posh! I have a Mac AND Adobe Reader!” So I tried to “Print to PDF”, fully thinking that it would work. Well it “printed to PDF” only the first “page” that is seen even though it spans at least 5!

This totally got my blood boiling! I mean, really, HOW can you do that?! I sat there thinking that this person is so unfair to offer the information but not the images to go with so I know what it is that I’m crocheting! I mean I had not knowing what my project is going to look like, even just a general idea!

Then I realized. Macs have GRAB IT….Oh yes! The tool of salvation for this problem! So I tried it and found that yay-ness it works!! At first the lines aren’t clean etc BUT I also have Fireworks so the problem will eventually be solved.

Bottom line, if you’re going to offer a free pattern…offer an image so people will know what in the world they’re crafting! Otherwise, what’s the point?! Mystery is great but come on! Not everyone has extra yarn to waste! =P (Oh and I don’t really care what kind of charity THING the webmaster is doing! Because he/she’s clearly not very generous since he/she can’t seem to provide easily save-able images for the patterns!)

Hmm…still lagging

25 07 2007

Well, I certainly thought I’d be able to update more often since I transfered my blog to a more familiar host. Eh, didn’t really affect my blogging much, since, you know, I haven’t done it at all!

At work right now so I can’t put up any photos of recent FOs but I finished the mock cable scarf for the BF’s Aunt #2 AND the BF’s scarf =) Pretty pleased with myself on that one! Also found out that my sister doesn’t like any of her gifts (luckily I asked before I started) so back to square one. She did mention that she digs legwarmers…soo VERY interesting! Maybe a pair of mohair legwarmers? Perhaps with metallic laced throughout? We’ll see. Kinda bored…which means that for once I’m not INSANELY busy! =)

My BF has finally come to grips with my yarn addiction =) Though now he believes that I wholeheartedly prefer to rip old sweaters vs. buying yarn. Which, sometimes is true…but buying yarn is nice too =) Though ripping is therapeutic! I have very little time for ripping though so I haven’t gotten very far in that =T

OTN: Ruffle scarf for BF’s Gram in Paton’s Divine; Ribbed scarves for BF’s Cousin and my Dad in Caron’s Simply Soft + some yarn I got from my aunt via Yarn Karma!

ISO: Scarf pattern for BF’s Aunt #3 – something nice and versatile but still pretty, not dainty though

Move to WordPress

8 07 2007

Since I’ve already got a blog on WordPress, I figured I’d switch my knitting blog to it too, since it’s by far easier to navigate adn update! I love wordpress! So hopefully I’ll be able to update more often =)

late update

16 06 2007

it was an awesome time! yes it was also last saturday =P im slow with my blogging. made cookies =) took pics of the cookies…a smidge lazy to upload them xP i made close to 100 cookies or so…not having breakfast made me eat alot =P thats what i’ll blame my weak sweet tooth on =) met two new members of KUTI =) one of whom may be reading this right now =) hey-ya mary beth! =)

i woudl write more but im so tired right now xP that cannot be normal for me! im 23, i work out regularly, sleep well and regularly …im exhausted!! i dont OVER-workout either…i refuse to tell my boyfriend tho…he’ll AUTOMATICALLY say “you’re eating badly”…and he’d be right. let’s see. wednesday – meat lover’s omelet for breakfast and lunch (half of it anyways), slice of ice cream cake for linner (lunch-dinner) and for dinner nothing; thursday – meat lover’s omelet for breakfast, buttermilk pancakes for lunch, huge slice of the same ice cream cake for snack (sounds better), egad mcd’s fries for dinner xP im so bad lol and friday – pizza….yeah i woudl AbSOLUTELY consider that eating badly! oh woe is me! i really do need to stop eating junk…i totally feel gross and yucky and stuffed up b/c of it! and, worse yet, i know better! =T sigh, darn my weakness for pizza! xP its that chhhheeeeeese =P lol does me in every time!

so i started a new project at the WWKIPday outing. check it otu here. im using red heart soft yarn in a baby blue =) i love it! its my first sweater project EVER, certainly first large crochet project…im excited =) i’ll post pics soon!

come to think of it, i need to post pics of my unravel therapy! well, actually i ahve to get back to it soon…haven’t touched it in a while =T where are hte hours?!

Last one for the night

2 06 2007

Last one for the night…so sleepy!

1. KnittyGritty Workout: Totally on! Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday! Even the boyfriend has noticed that I’m in better shape! Rock on!

2. Birthday: The boyfriend has finally caught on that the best present for me, especially since my birthday just past, is yarn =) This weekend (okay so it’s a late present), the very smart man will be purchasing some lovely wool and awesome cotton yarns from Elann =) for Tempting (sweater) and Tori (vest) from…These will be my first attempt at knitwear…ooooo!!

3. WWKIPDay: June 9th, people!! World Wide Knit in Public Day!! Come out to Tibbits Park in White Plains (Atlanta Bread Company at City Center in case of rain) and knit in public!! It’s a Saturday and we’ll (or at least I will) be there from 10am-2pm with cookies and yarn for SWAPPING! =) Check it out!! and

Now the pillow looks even more tempting =)