S.E.X. from last year

9 01 2011

So I did it again :\ In December, I bought more yarn, that, essentially, I didn’t need…But it was for 3 projects on my queue! More rationalization at its best 😛

Aslan Trends Invernal in red

Feza Nirvana in variegated brown (not sure – I like the browns, cocoas, beiges….just not too sure about the orangey-copper)

Bristol Yarn Somerset in pink (originally for a project but now I think it’ll just be my stash for baby items)


You know it’s bad when…

3 11 2010

…I don’t flinch at the total cost of my recent S.E.X. binge! Apparently that’s now something I must do annually 😛 Last “huge” binge was in April 2009 and now, in October 2010, I went on another binge. It’s an amount I would never have spent in my right mind – not because I don’t love yarn enough. No, not because of that. I wouldn’t normally spend that because I’ve got other goals that kick S.E.X. to the back burner. But…apparently not this time! And here’s the result:

Knit One Crochet Too Babyboo in Lemon Ice

Cascade 220 Wool in Medium Blue

Cascade Lana D’Oro in Intense Aqua

Cascade 220 Heathers in Summer Blue Heather

Aslan Trends Guanaco in Bone

Aslan Trends Invernal in Midnight Black

Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK in pink

Noro Retro in Sea Bluegreen

Noro Aya in Turq/Pink

All of these (luckily) have projects assigned to them already – yay!! The only exception is the Cascade 220 Heather in Summer Blue Heather. It was just too yummy to pass up!!! Hopefully all of these will get on the needles soooooon! They’re already on my queue – it’s just a matter of time 🙂

Some S.E.X.

22 08 2010

Again, I love Ravelry! And I’m starting to REALLY like KnitSimple 😉 Could be because of the contests they now include!!! Yay for contests!!

From fellow Ravelry member:

Plymouth Mulberry Merino – feels velvety smooth!

Debbie Bliss Stella – very luxurious!

From KnitSimple magazine:

Debbie Stoller Stitch Nation:
– Full o’ Sheep in Passionfruit
– Alpaca Love in Peacock
– Bamboo Ewe in Twilight

The best part of all 5 yarns?? I’ve already picked out projects for each one!! Wooo!! Organization rocks! (I’m losing it!)

Whoa! Stash alert!

24 07 2010

I recently was accepted as a pattern tester in Ravelry’s Free Pattern Tester’s Group and I wanted to get an idea of what I actually have in my massive stash. So I was just browsing and trying to remember. I got fed up and decided to catalog (with pictures) EVERY yarn I have 😀

This is of course at like 7am on a Saturday morning. So now, it’s 10am and I had gathered all the loose papers, yarn sleeves, etc from my various bins/carts, etc. that housed my massive stash…..

Lo and behold…I found $5 😀 😀 😀 😀

What an AWESOME way to start my day!!!! 😀

Tiny S.E.X. :D

5 07 2010

So I caved a bit…Saw this beautiful yarn one a YahooGroup list and then saw it on Ravelry. I absolutely couldn’t resist! Look at the purty colors!! 🙂

It’s a hemp-cotton blend and is actually quite nice and soft 🙂 I’ll be using it, likely, for a shawl/scarf type thing and then also as the trim on a new sweater 🙂 Will post pictures of the possibilities later 🙂 Just so excited about the colors themselves!!

But that will be it for S.E.X. for a while….I think O;)

Very Interesting S.E.X. Recently

12 04 2009

I didn’t go on another “binge” (if you will) but I did buy some very interesting new yarns, all with projects pre-chosen for these particular yarns…have a look:

Plymouth Linen Isle:

Plymouth Bella Colour:

Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb Sport:

From the top, the Linen Isle is slated for a camisole/tank top, the Bella Colour (12 skeins) is slated for a dress (!) and this Top of the Lamb Sport – I need to get a contrasting color but it’s for a cardigan. So there’s a long list of soon-to-be WIPs!!

The Linen Isle feels interesting, not rough but, of course, not soft-as-a-cloud either – I kind of like it so far 🙂

The Bella Colour is actually a woven cotton/acrylic blend – I’m not 100% sure how this will translate into a dress but I’m still going to give it a try

The Top of the Lamb is everything I’d expect in a nice wool yarn 🙂

I’ll have to look into getting some nice sock yarn! 🙂 Seems to be sooooo expensive though 😦 And the ones often on sale are yucky variegated ones but I’ll keep searching! 🙂

Lots and lots of S.E.X.!!

15 03 2009

Edited 4/12/09: Better pictures!! 🙂

I went buck-wild lately! I don’t know what came over me but I went S.E.X.-crazy!!! As a matter of fact, I’m STILL looking for more S.E.X., especially on the Ravelery Yarn Sales group – they started it! lol Here we go!

Debbie Bliss Prima (an actual picture from my stash):

Araucania Atacama:

Plymouth Buckingham:

Cascade Sierra:

Karabella Lace Merino:

Soft Angora (mill ends):

Rozetti Alora:

Wisdom Yarn Ballad:

South West Trading Company Gianna:

Plymouth Yukon:

The best part is that I’ve got projects lined up for EACH of these new yarns! 🙂 Although, that COULD be seen as a bad thing since without those projects, I probably would’ve purchased less lol

And the first few yarns that are nicely photographed were from my LYS in Hillsdale and I was totally loving them! And the rest of the yarns are from DBNY.com and I got them in the middle of the week. It was a time-crunch to photograph them and put them away before the dear boyfriend saw! 😛 So no fancy photographing with those unfortunately