Fabric S.E.X.

27 11 2008

It’s been a long time that a journey out to NYC has been COMPLETELY worth it but it absolutely was!!!!

White-ish linen & black/white toile

White-ish linen & black/white toile

Isn’t it beautiful?? The linen is 2+ yards and the toile is 1.5+ yards. I also got a lime green jersey fabric, 0.5 yards for a ACI item and a very large spool of black thread. ALL for $20 (!!)…so HOW awesome was that? And HOW worth it was that venture out to NYC? Not only did I get GREAT fabric, I also made out like a bandit with GREAT food!! 🙂 Can’t go wrong!


Stationery S.E.X.

1 02 2008

I think I’m officially NOT allowed to venture to craft stores or dollar stores alone…take a look for yourselves:

Vintage kitchen note cards

Cool ribbon and awesomely awesome black-white-red stationery: journal, note cards

That shopping trip should’ve only cost like $15 or so…it came to almost $30!!!!! (I also bought a mini reed air freshner heehee) Like I said, no unsupervised trips to craft or dollar stores…You should’ve seen the stash I got from the dollar store!! Speaking of which…when I receive my new digital camera, that will be the FIRST thing I take pics of!

Oh…I also need more storage containers then…hmm…Well, they’re having sales on those awesome acid-free photo boxes!! 🙂 (oh boy…)

Super Sex!

31 12 2007

Okay, Freecycle rawks! I saw an announcement by Filomina of Quilts & Such over in Lyndhurst who was giving away tables and chairs because they are moving to Montclair. Called her up on Saturday and she tells me she’s also giving away YARN and FABRIC!! So I drag my lovely boyfriend with me and I find:

a table for my room
a big plastic bin
two fabric cube bins
two baskets
and a woven tote bag

And what did I do? I filled ALL of them (except table) with free fabric!!! And a few skeins of yarn and embroidery tools!!! I was and still am ECSTATIC!! See? (picture coming soon)

Also, and it’s hard to take the picture – I found some kick-butt 50’s style pinup fabric!!

Also, and probably one of hte best parts: the only thing I had to pay for was a $20 sewing machine…by Euro-Pro…that goes through DENIM!! WHAT A FIND!!!

Sooo, Filomina and gang, YOU GUYS RAWK!!! 🙂

Rhinebeck at Home :)

26 10 2007

So I had considered going over to Rhinebeck this year to scope it out and just to see what it’s all about. During the summer I was researching hotels and other sites to see nearby. I found both and then thought about it… 1. I didn’t feel like wasting money on the hotel, gas and food. 2. Why am I paying like $10 for one skein/hank/ball of yarn if I can just go and spend $10 and buy at least 3-5 sweaters in one shot??

The whole unravel therapy thing has taken over!! A sweater can net at least 3-5 balls of yarn…so with 3-5 sweaters? That’s roughly at least 10 balls of yarn for $10!! Cost effectiveness man!! But don’t get me wrong, it IS time consuming and sometimes, just sometimes, I do reach for the new yarn because it’s “faster”, etc…but I never NEVER buy expensive and overpriced yarn. On sale dude! 🙂 That’s the way to go!!

So check out what I bought! 🙂 Sorry for blurry pics etc…the new camera SUCKS!

a lovely pale/sky blue 100% wool short sleeve sweater 🙂 I see at least 3 cakes of yarn out of this one 🙂

now this one REALLY caught my eye!! it has a very nice sky blue mixed with a very nice darker bright blue…very very nice! it’s a silk and rayon blend…VERY nice drape and texture 🙂 i’m thinking at least 4-5 cakes 🙂

now this one I’m excited about 🙂 it’s a nice medium blue long sleeve double-breasted sweater…in 100% alpaca wool!! 🙂 beautiful drape and texture right here too!! I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of 6 cakes at least 🙂

other pro’s about unraveling sweaters: BUTTONS!! 🙂 and some cool ones on these! 🙂

Oh yeah, and, well, against my Mom’s advice, I bought these sweaters at a yard sale! For $1 each! That’s $3 for 13-14 cakes of nice quality yarn (alpaca, silk, wool) and HOW awesome is that?! 🙂

And when you think about it, buying these at a yard sale is the same as buying them at like Goodwill or something, which I did before. All you have to do is wash ’em after you get back 🙂 How awesome right? 🙂 I’m pretty pleased with MY “Rhinebeck” 🙂

First S.E.X. through Subscription!

5 10 2007

I joined the Elann.com Sample Skeins subscription two weeks ago. And I am damn glad I did!! How awesome! I get roughly 10yd mini-skeins of these awesome yarns that I probably would never buy online, which basically means I’d never buy it since I don’t particularly like yarn shops because of the usually snooty people and sometimes WAAY overpriced yarns. I’m a fan of recycling and sales! 🙂

Anyways, this subscription ROCKS! It’s not JUST snips of the yarn (which I’ll probably subscribe to from a different site as well) but mini-skeins 🙂 The 5 mini skeins are all roughly the same color for the month AND there’s snips of each color of each type of featured yarn…how nice! 🙂 So now it’s like S.E.X. once a month 🙂 But it’s great because I get all these different yarns and whichever I like, I’m TOTALLY going to get more! 🙂 Yayness!!

S.E.X. from …I don’t remember when

7 09 2007

So I FINALLY got my package!! I waited so long!! Well, probably not that long but it sure felt that way! But, on the bright side, I found a second awesome supplier of my S.E.X. obsession =) The first one was elann.com and now I can add ramwools.com too =) Oddly enough, both are Canadian companies. Hmm… Either way, I haven’t actually tried KnitPicks yet…I’m thinking maybe soon, especially since I’ve got another giftcard coming!! (Damn un-depositable-in-the-bank giftcards! Although, the smart thing would be to use them for my regular expenses….but my S.E.X. obsession is so great…)

So this “batch” of new stash is for gifts…sort of.
– The yellow is a 100% silk Ram Wools’ brand. It’s actually yellow with like grey or something. My Mom picked it out…good thing too since it’s for her!
– The two skeins of fire-engine red are actually Paton’s Shetland Chunky (was a great price!). Those are for Cathy. … She better still love red by the time Christmas comes….
– The deep wine color in the back is a Paton’s Decor (acrylic wool blend). That’s for Jay’s Mom’s Christmas gift. He apparently thought bright red was not a good color. Go figure!
– Finally, the four skeins of the maroon-ish color is Paton’s Decor again. That’s for ME!! =) yay finally! (not really, since I just bought the Cotton-Ease for me too) That will become the Red Carpet Convertible outfit from Annie Modesitt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gown! But I will be using the red to make the corset! When they replenish the stock and when I have money…I will buy white silk and make the gown! How awesome would that be?!?! haha obsession is scary!

Now, this batch is for me to…just have =) I mean really, who doesn’t see a beautiful skein and go “oooo!!”??
– The two Paton’s Astra in the back…the price was irresistible! And the colors aren’t half bad =)
– I love the grey and white colorway of the Paton’s Shetland so I had to have it
– I don’t really have any really “wild” or anything type of yarn. I’m usually pretty conservative but I couldn’t resist the Gypsy NY one! It’s red, orange and a striped colorway. Very nice and VERY inexpensive =)
– Finally, the two Debbie Bliss Merino Aran/DK…I just HAD to find out what EVERYONE was ooh-ing and aah-ing about. They were inexpensive and I figured, why not?? …Well, I must say…I now KNOW what everyone is crazy about!! They’re so soft! I can’t wait to use them! (Though I probably won’t for a LONG time)

Oh and change of heart: the Lion Brand Cotton-Ease will now be used for the Lion Brand All-Season Shell, originally made with LB Microspun. And I decided that the Bernat’s Organic Cotton? Not worth it. And the Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread? I can return some =) I hate that guilty feeling afterwards when you KNOW you spent the money but didn’t REALLLLLLY want all of the yarn you bought! Oh well, that’s why return policies ROCK! =)

S.E.X. from Aug 30

5 09 2007

So I broke down [again] after seeing last week’s ad for AC Moore…”Refresh your Stash” they said. Damnit! So I did =P [again technically because I had visited a site and had another romp of s.e.x….I’m now waiting for my package…] Here’s the result and possible pending projects:

The Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in grey and charcoal: Suzie Hug Me Tight from the 2007 Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar

Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread in silver: Venus Clutch from Lion Brand Just Bags (crochet)

The new Bernat Natural Blends are…just because 🙂