Oct ’09 ACI List

4 10 2009

October 2009 ACI List:
– Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top / Me / Knit / Whenever
– Ami / Friend / Crochet / ASAP

Sparks of Inspiration:
– Needlebook/Altoid Needle Tin / Me / Sewing
– Reusable Sandwich Wrap / Me / Sewing
– DP Needle Pouches / Me / Embroider+Sew
– Stationary Holder / Me / Sewing

Current Status:

Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top: 50% complete still
– Haven’t touched it since last time! 😦

Ami for Friend: 85% complete
– Need to finish embroidering face
– Need to add hair
– Then attach and add little object

Other Updates:

Earring Addiction Swap 2: Everything’s done – just waiting for everyone to receive!

OTT Halloween Edition: Waiting for sign-up end and partners! 🙂


Slacker II – massive update

4 10 2009

Wow since April! Well May was definitely busy and it was a lazy summer and busy September…no excuse!

April 09:

IYP 12 The Spring Sock Hop
Sent to Retro_Rose:

Rec’d from Retro_Rose:

June 09:

OTT 22
Sent to katcal:

Recd from katcal:

Sent to sloth003:

Recd from sloth003:

Teach Me a New Craft Swap
Sent to nulibol (crafted portion only):

Recd from jadeye (crafted portion only):

Bead Soup Swap
Sent to TraceyInNH:

Sent to Krafty_Karasu:

Recd from Krafty_Karasu:

Recd from Ma Rut:

So wow, great summer of crafty-goodness 🙂 Just waiting for the Sept swaps to finish up and then I’ll post! 🙂

Other than that, a friend got married, I finally went out for my birthday, same old 😛

OTT 21 – finished!

18 04 2009

I always find it interesting how lately, as organizer, my double partners somehow find a way to craft items with the same or similar theme! lol  🙂 Quite impressive I must say 🙂

Item sent: Pass the Piggies game in Indian-inspired colors – 2 themes

Item received: Peacock-inspired Tree of Life necklace – 1 theme

Item sent: Flower and elegance marble magnets – 2 themes

Item received: Mermaid-inspired necklace – 1 theme

So I’m hoping to organize the next OTT 22 lol but we’ll have to see when that is….maybe beginning in May? I’d like to get the One for Me, One for You swap going. Maybe May? If that’s the case, I might have to co-org the OTT 22 lol

Craftster: OTT 20

10 02 2009

Another great swap completed!!

Item sent: sewn bird pincushion made with vintage polka fabric – 4 themes

Item received: completely awesome hand-carved custom mermaid stamp (!)

Flip Flop
Item sent: camera memory card cozy in spirilla (bacteria) inspired fabric

Item received: completely awesome Ariel-inspired stitch-marker-holder in a customized ocean-y altoid tin

(the white thing at the top of the tin is actually a seashell! and the cover, which I failed to photograph, is modpodged in teal with white polka dots and the edging is piped pearl beads!)

Definitely another awesome OTT swap!! Lookin’ to organize round 21 in March sometime 🙂 Interesting how BOTH my partners picked mermaids…hmm…am I too obvious? lol

OTT 20 – Now grab your partner!

10 01 2009

My first organizing experience on Craftster and I must say it’s going well! We’ve got 51 (!) participants! It was quite a task to partner everyone up this morning but it’s all worth it when people are excited about their partners! 🙂 I have 2!! One from Europe and another US-er! 🙂 Oo this is gonna be fun!!

First Time Organizer!

4 01 2009

So I did it! I decided to become a first-time organizer! Popped that cherry 😉 lol

OTT 20 is going to be awesome! 🙂 So far we’re at 25 participants and wow, I really love organizing! 🙂

Next swap? (As in, February) : One for Me, One for You Swap round 2!  This will be exciting too!!

I wonder if I can be organizer only for other people’s swaps…hmmm! lol

Swap Info!

9 11 2008

Ooo I love this idea!! 🙂

For Craftster Swap Partners…

I’m addicted to creating: stitch markers, amigurumis, needlebooks
I’d love to experiment with: shrinky dinks, glass fusing, polymer clay amis, Tree of Life pendants, rubber stamps!

My favorite colors are: blue, red, white, black, green, silver – black/any color, white/any color, ocean-inspired combinations, brown/blue
I’m not too fond of these colors: orange, yellow, purple

I’m currently or always in awe of: anything that is well made, especially if I can’t make it myself
I’d never refuse to take: buttons, beads, fabric, knowledge

Some things I’ve been wanting:
ATCs inspired by mermaids or Italy
Tree of Life pendant (with aquarmarine- and pearl-esque beading)
Linen/cotton drawstring bags for WIPs

And a little bit more about me:

do you have any pets?: a cutie kitty named Pixie!
do you have any kids *ages*?: a cutie kitty named Pixie! lol 🙂

do you keep a journal/art sketch book?: i keep lots of list-books with me but neither of the above but i love those handmade coptic bound ones
do you have a portable CD player, mobile phone, or ipod?: yes to all of the above – but I’m not a fan of cozies for my electronics…I don’t use the CD player much, i have a belt holster for my phone and i have an armband for my ipod for workouts lol

do you need another random trinket box?: ooo! i wouldn’t refuse one if that’s what you’re asking! as a matter of fact…a venetian inspired/grecian inspired/mermaid inspired/ocean inspired one would be fabulous! lol
do you need something to carry your knitting/sewing with you?: of course! i have a emergency kit but i don’t have WIPs bags…i love the drawstring linen ones
do you need a CD case/folder thing?: no particular need but I certainly wouldn’t refuse one
do you need another purse?: eh, not really…although, certain particular styles and patterns i will always be open for 🙂

what crafts do you do/want to do?: i currently knit, crochet, embroider, sew (beginner really), make stitch markers…i’d like to make fantabulous ATCs, make carved rubber stamps, make coptic bound journals, sew better or quilt
what crafts do you admire?: glass fusing, paint, draw, sew clothing

do you collect anything?: magnets are great, postcards, i’d like to collect ATCs

do you wear earrings?: yes indeed! i liek the dangly ones
do you wear bracelets/cuffs?: not currently but I do like some of the cuffs on craftster
whats your wrist size?: I believe 5 or 6 inches
do you wear necklaces?: yes but Im super picky 😦
do you want gold or silver findings?: silver

what is your shirt size?:
XS or S
what is your shoe size?: 6.5 or 7
would you like some clothes made for you?: cool!!
what is your favorite color?: i wear alot of black and white combos, blues and reds
what is your favorite color to go with your favorite color?: everything matches with black and white 🙂

do you have a favorite animal you would like something made with?: cats! but not the persian cat…but any of hte BIG cats – lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs…
do you have a favorite TV series you would like something made with?: CSI Las Vegas/Miami/New York, NCIS and Family Guy
do you have a favorite book you would like something made with?: eh, none that I’d liek something made with…but Narnia (Lion Witch adn Wardrobe) would be cool
What is your favorite food?: Fruits, ice cream, Italian/Chinese cuisine
What is your favorite smell?: vanilla, lavendar, Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber, strawberries, COCONUT!!

are there any colors you hate?: i don’t hate them but i don’t particularly like orange, yellow, purple
would you dislike receiving items made from animal products?: eh, not a big deal for me
is there anything you would rather not receive because of religious references?: i’m not religious, im more spiritual so nothing overtly religious…spiritual is different tho (and i’ve always been intrigued by greek/roman mythology)
is there anything else you would dislike?: I’m not a huge fan of cute-sy children’s shows (ie Spongebob)

do you have any actual allergies?: nope, but i don’t like smoke
what are your favorite movies?: 300, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Zeitgeist, Love Actually, National Treasure
who is your favorite person from those movies?: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney
who is the best dresser on TV?: O.o dunno…
who are your celebrity crushes?: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney
who is the best cartoon character?: all of the comic book characters (Marvel AND DC), STEWIE GRIFFIN!

Thank you to sporkchick1179 for posting this survey and for leaving it in her signature on Craftster!