Rhinebeck at Home :)

26 10 2007

So I had considered going over to Rhinebeck this year to scope it out and just to see what it’s all about. During the summer I was researching hotels and other sites to see nearby. I found both and then thought about it… 1. I didn’t feel like wasting money on the hotel, gas and food. 2. Why am I paying like $10 for one skein/hank/ball of yarn if I can just go and spend $10 and buy at least 3-5 sweaters in one shot??

The whole unravel therapy thing has taken over!! A sweater can net at least 3-5 balls of yarn…so with 3-5 sweaters? That’s roughly at least 10 balls of yarn for $10!! Cost effectiveness man!! But don’t get me wrong, it IS time consuming and sometimes, just sometimes, I do reach for the new yarn because it’s “faster”, etc…but I never NEVER buy expensive and overpriced yarn. On sale dude! 🙂 That’s the way to go!!

So check out what I bought! 🙂 Sorry for blurry pics etc…the new camera SUCKS!

a lovely pale/sky blue 100% wool short sleeve sweater 🙂 I see at least 3 cakes of yarn out of this one 🙂

now this one REALLY caught my eye!! it has a very nice sky blue mixed with a very nice darker bright blue…very very nice! it’s a silk and rayon blend…VERY nice drape and texture 🙂 i’m thinking at least 4-5 cakes 🙂

now this one I’m excited about 🙂 it’s a nice medium blue long sleeve double-breasted sweater…in 100% alpaca wool!! 🙂 beautiful drape and texture right here too!! I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of 6 cakes at least 🙂

other pro’s about unraveling sweaters: BUTTONS!! 🙂 and some cool ones on these! 🙂

Oh yeah, and, well, against my Mom’s advice, I bought these sweaters at a yard sale! For $1 each! That’s $3 for 13-14 cakes of nice quality yarn (alpaca, silk, wool) and HOW awesome is that?! 🙂

And when you think about it, buying these at a yard sale is the same as buying them at like Goodwill or something, which I did before. All you have to do is wash ’em after you get back 🙂 How awesome right? 🙂 I’m pretty pleased with MY “Rhinebeck” 🙂


Where has all the knitting gone?

2 10 2007

So it seems my blog has become somewhat political (what an understatement) with fewer and fewer posts about knitting and other craft-related topics. Well, fear not…my update 🙂

I try to knit during lunch at work but that’s difficult because, well, work is incredibly busy! That and the fact that I don’t really take my lunch 45-minutes anyway. I’m trying my hardest to finish the Friday scarf for my mom because…dang it, it seems like it’ll take forever! I love the smaller needles but boy does it take a while! But, unfortunately, I’m not quite a fan of the larger needles…quite cumbersome! You’ve got the straight ones that can get in the way. And circulars? The needle is too short! If they made circulars with needles that were longer than 4″, THEN, I could totally see them working beautifully!

Well, anyways, I’m also working on a friend’s Christmas gift. Can’t seem to pick up the right number of stitches. At first I was aiming for 118 but then I read that I could do half and then just increase in each stitch on the next row. I like to increase so I figured I’d try that method instead. Can’t get the 59 stitches! That means I’ll have to sit and really figure this one out 😦

Anyways, here’s my latest unraveling results!

That was a Tommy Hilfiger sweater that I bought at TJMaxx for $10 (I think). It was a cotton-acrylic blend. It was an interesting color so I thought I’d use it with something, hopefully anyway. Oh, and those are HUGE yarn cakes too! I, of course, never remember to measure my yarn when I unravel but as you can see, the 4 cakes are basically the same size as my 15″ laptop. And they were fat too! That is, before I shoved them into the zip bag.

Oh, and the best part, if you will…I FINALLY finished that EckoRed sweater! It took me since the beginning of the summer to completely rip because it was so darn annoying! One section was just too much so I eventually just cut it up and will use it as stuffing. Then the yarn itself, an acrylic/cotton blend again, was so weak in some parts! Though I think I may have had a hand in that during washing. But finally, it’s done 🙂 and, I have some stuffing too! Awesome possum!

I think I’m going to hold off on the unraveling fun until I finish some of the Christmas projects. Let’s see, HOW many do I have to make?? And don’t forget, I haven’t even finished blocking the BF’s sweater yet!! Egad!

late update

16 06 2007

it was an awesome time! yes it was also last saturday =P im slow with my blogging. made cookies =) took pics of the cookies…a smidge lazy to upload them xP i made close to 100 cookies or so…not having breakfast made me eat alot =P thats what i’ll blame my weak sweet tooth on =) met two new members of KUTI =) one of whom may be reading this right now =) hey-ya mary beth! =)

i woudl write more but im so tired right now xP that cannot be normal for me! im 23, i work out regularly, sleep well and regularly …im exhausted!! i dont OVER-workout either…i refuse to tell my boyfriend tho…he’ll AUTOMATICALLY say “you’re eating badly”…and he’d be right. let’s see. wednesday – meat lover’s omelet for breakfast and lunch (half of it anyways), slice of ice cream cake for linner (lunch-dinner) and for dinner nothing; thursday – meat lover’s omelet for breakfast, buttermilk pancakes for lunch, huge slice of the same ice cream cake for snack (sounds better), egad mcd’s fries for dinner xP im so bad lol and friday – pizza….yeah i woudl AbSOLUTELY consider that eating badly! oh woe is me! i really do need to stop eating junk…i totally feel gross and yucky and stuffed up b/c of it! and, worse yet, i know better! =T sigh, darn my weakness for pizza! xP its that chhhheeeeeese =P lol does me in every time!

so i started a new project at the WWKIPday outing. check it otu here. im using red heart soft yarn in a baby blue =) i love it! its my first sweater project EVER, certainly first large crochet project…im excited =) i’ll post pics soon!

come to think of it, i need to post pics of my unravel therapy! well, actually i ahve to get back to it soon…haven’t touched it in a while =T where are hte hours?!

Unravel Therapy 1

2 06 2007

Found an article on how to unravel sweaters. Searched through my closet and found sweaters to unravel (wasn’t difficult…had a number of ill-fitting ones).

A lovely burgundy color. Was a sweater from Aeropostale…annoyed that I couldn’t find the other two ill-fitting things…would’ve been perfect for unraveling!

I truly found that unraveling this sweater was therapeutic. Messy but therapeutic. That and it was awesome watching the knitted fabric literally *dance while being unraveled! Yarn pulling from one end to the other…totally looked like a dance to me! =)

So I’ve already unraveled two sleeves which are now sitting as center-pull skeins (courtesy of my trusty and newly-bought ball winder!). I, of course, didn’t follow directions completely because I failed to measure the yardage that I had. Oh well =) Love the yarn anyway! Will measure next time! Now I have the front pouch, back and front and hood to unravel =)


15 04 2007

Oh yeah, and I frogged that Arctic Throw…400+ stitches on a US 10 24″ circular? Not fun! It wasn’t too painful since I only had maybe 1 inch of the thing done!! But now…I don’t know what to do with the yarn!! It’s Berella So Soft in Moss Lagoon…when I bought it, I could’ve SWORN it was a blue-black-and-white colorway…and I drooled over it! Until I got it…it’s like a blue-green-white colorway….not half bad BUT not what I was expecting =T Check it out:

See, the darkest color is actually a dark green, not black. So now I have 9 100g-skeins of this. It’s acrylic…which, I can go either way on. I’ve never really been a huge fan of variegated yarn =T I love the solid colors so now I’m kind of stuck…oh well, I guess I’ll just HAVE to search for a new pattern during work 😉 heehee

By the way, I LOVE MY MAC!! =) I almost was going to type that I’d have to post later with the picture…But, Mac saved the day by having a BUILT-IN camera!! Oh the joys of owning a Mac!! =) PCs suck! =P lol