FO of 2007

Dec 2007
Neck Pillow [Lion Brand] for Boss – nameless navy blue yarn [pic coming soon]
Embroidered linens for Supervisor Dawn [pic coming soon]

Nov 2007
Friday scarf [MagKnits (?)] for ..not sure – Como Seta pure silk yarn [no pic yet]
Unshaped Shrug [Knitonthenet] for Cathy – Patons (can’t remember exact name) [no pic yet]
Craftster Holiday Cheer Swap – cable scarf + baby booties + Christmas ornament

Oct 2007
5-a-Day Swap – tomato!

Friday scarf for my Mom [no pic yet]

July 2007
iPod “mitten” for me – yarn from an unraveled sweater [no pic yet]
A Scarf Askew [MagKnits] for BF – Patons Classic Wool [no pic yet]

May 2007
Mothers’ Day flowers for BF’s family – Red Heart Super Saver

Clapotis [Knitty] for me – Spin City Yarns in Snowflake

January 2007
Wavy scarf [Knitty] for Melissa (mgr in TX) – Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather and Orchid
[no pic yet]

Dallas Cowboys/Mavericks scarf for Jeannette (mgr in TX) – Red Heart Super Saver in a navy blue, white and grey


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